What light bulb types are used for BMW 3 Series f30

For BMW F30 3 Series owners, understanding the specifics of your vehicle’s lighting is essential when looking for replacement bulbs. Here’s a quick guide to the types of bulbs used in the BMW F30 3 Series, covering everything from headlights to interior lighting.

Front exterior lights

PositionBulb Type
Headlight (low beam)H7
Headlight (high beam)H7
Parking lightH6W
Fog lightH8
Front indicator (turn) signalPY21W

Rear exterior lights

PositionBulb Type
Rear indicator (turn) signalP21W
Tail lightP21W
Brake lightP21W
Back-up lightP21W
Rear fog lightH21W

Interior lights

PositionBulb Type
Interior lightW5W
Footwell lightW5W
Glove compartment lightW5W

That wraps up our overview of the light bulbs in the BMW F30 3 Series. Keeping this information handy is easy for when you ever need replacements. Use this guide as a reference for your BMW’s lighting needs.

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